The Vikings used rune chants for therapeutic

The Vikings used rune chants for therapeutic

The main target of my articles is to check the runes as they relate to well being, well-being, and safety.

The place I’ve taken, as a twenty first century rune grasp, is to deliver the runes into the twenty first century, use them, and never return to the Viking Age (mentally or emotionally).

Going again in time to make use of magic, runes, energies is fraught with pitfalls and normally accommodates the lack of undesirable baggage.

However we nonetheless want to know the previous, in order that we will be taught and never make the identical errors within the current.

Many runes utilized by our ancestors have been grouped into 9 runic chants. 4 have been devoted to well being and safety. To forestall illness and childbirth. The remaining 5 rune songs are for Victory, Magic, Speech and Spirit.

Many rune therapeutic secrets and techniques are contained in historic Norse, Icelandic and Irish sagas; In Celtic and Germanic legends and the Outdated English poem Beowulf. I’ll solely contact on a number of.

Runic therapeutic miracles equivalent to these discovered within the Icelandic saga of Glum the Assassin, inform the story of a lady whose shut relative was killed.

She picked up the corpse and gently positioned it within the cart, then took it house and cleaned and dressed its wounds, marking them with runes. When she was completed, he began speaking.

Do you keep in mind within the film “Conan”, when the wizard painted runes on Conan’s corpse? He too got here again to life.

These quick articles that I write are meant as beacons, pointers to point out you the way in which to seek out extra articles on the topic. Use my key phrases to visit cyberspace.

Within the Males of Vapnfjord saga, there’s a physician or healer named Thorvard. He was thought of the very best healer within the area. He spent seven nights tending to the badly injured Thorkel, utilizing his runic abilities. Thorkell was healed, and Thorvard was given a horse and a silver bracelet. Fairly a cool one.

Within the Gretta saga, Gretta is injured and gangrene has began to set in. His brother illugl handled him with runes. He watched him day and night time, taking good care of nothing else. Gretta was cured.

In King H Rolf’s Sago, runic therapeutic additionally takes place. King Hrolf had obtained two wounds to his arms and had misplaced a watch. Queen Yrea cured him.

Within the story of Egil and Asmund, we study Viking surgical procedure.

Egil had misplaced a hand in a struggle and a dwarf dressed the stump. The dwarf made Egil a sword that had a hilt within the type of a socket so he may use it.

Later, Egil met an previous giantess, who had stored his hand and wrapped it in “herbs of life”. She advised Egil that she needed to attempt grafting the hand onto his arm.

She eliminated the socket, cushioned the arm and minimize the stump. She put “Life-Herbs on it, wrapped it in silk, and sang her Rune Track.

Three days later, Egil had full use of his hand and arm.

Our ancestors had spectacular medical information utilizing runes and herbs.

I will not put the remainder of the runic songs right here in my submit for everybody to see. The magic of therapeutic runes is the worth paid by the seeker. The value of diligence, perseverance and the desire to hunt for oneself. Free presents haven’t any worth. Until there’s a hidden value that has been paid.

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