The photographer captured the magical second of Mars rising from behind the Moon

The photographer captured the magical second of Mars rising from behind the Moon

The photographer captured the magical second of Mars rising from behind the Moon

Astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy captured Mars rising behind a full moon that quickly eclipsed the Pink Planet within the night time sky on Wednesday.

McCarthy says PetaPixel that he noticed a uncommon celestial occasion throughout 2022 to get implausible footage of Mars wanting behind the moon.

“I needed to begin by studying planetary images, so I spent the summer season capturing the planets each night time to be taught all the perfect strategies,” he says.

“I additionally wanted a greater telescope than the one I had, so I discovered one in Los Angeles and picked it up a number of weeks in the past.”

Along with a brand new telescope, McCarthy additionally wanted a brand new digital camera.

“The rationale for that is that the moon is transferring so rapidly relative to Mars that I solely have a brief window to seize it in a selected location, so conventional time frames for capturing not apply,” he explains.

“The truth is, I needed to restrict the shot to solely 10 seconds or the movement of Mars would blur the picture. None of my gear might deal with it in a means that produced the outcomes I wished.”


Wednesday’s celestial occasion, generally known as a lunar occultation, is especially noteworthy as a result of Earth was instantly between Mars and the Solar, generally known as an opposition, making the Pink Planet seem particularly brilliant within the night time sky.

“This occasion occurred when Mars was comparatively low on the horizon, which implies I might see extra of the ambiance,” provides McCarthy.

“To assist fight native land-based air currents that ‘blur’ the picture, I put my telescope subsequent to my pool (there are picture on my Twitter if you wish to see) which stabilized the air when pointed at.’

McCarthy operated 4 telescopes as backups in case something went unsuitable, however his principal one was a 14-inch Dobsonian that tracked the spot on the moon from the place Mars would seem.

“The ultimate picture is a mosaic as a result of the sphere of view was fairly small [see above video]. After the occasion, I rotated my telescope to fill within the areas of the moon that I wished to incorporate within the last photograph.’

Extra of McCarthy’s work will be discovered right here Instagram, Twitterand website.

Picture Credit: All images by Andrew McCarthy.

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