Primary reason for kind 2 diabetes confirmed: Chemical compounds that break down sugar make situation worse

Primary reason for kind 2 diabetes confirmed: Chemical compounds that break down sugar make situation worse

How excessive blood sugar REALLY causes kind 2 diabetes: Chemical compounds produced when glucose is damaged down are responsible, research finds

  • Oxford College researchers have studied how kind 2 diabetes progresses
  • Chemical compounds launched when sugar is damaged down have been discovered to worsen the situation of sufferers
  • The invention may result in new therapies that might sluggish the results of the illness

For many years, scientists have puzzled over precisely how excessive blood sugar causes kind 2 diabetes.

However Oxford College researchers might lastly have a solution.

Checks confirmed that it was not the elevated glucose ranges that had been immediately accountable for the pancreas dropping its means to supply insulin.

As a substitute, they found glucose metabolites – chemical substances launched when sugar is damaged down – relatively than glucose itself.

The invention may result in new therapies for diabetes sufferers to decelerate glucose metabolism, stopping the situation from getting worse, they mentioned.

Sort 2 diabetes impacts round 2 million individuals in Britain and 37 million within the US. It happens when blood sugar ranges are too excessive, which might result in issues together with blindness, kidney failure and nerve injury if left unchecked.

Sufferers at the moment are suggested to eat nicely and train to keep up a wholesome weight to sluggish its development.

Medicines resembling Glucophage to enhance insulin operate are often prescribed later when eating regimen and train alone usually are not efficient.

Nonetheless, latest analysis might result in new medicine that may cease the illness from creating within the first place.

Researchers at the University of Oxford have found that glucose metabolites – chemicals released when sugar is broken down – are at the heart of type 2 diabetes, not glucose itself

Researchers on the College of Oxford have discovered that glucose metabolites – chemical substances launched when sugar is damaged down – are on the coronary heart of kind 2 diabetes, not glucose itself


Sort 2 diabetes is a situation through which an individual’s blood sugar turns into too excessive.

It’s estimated that over 4 million individuals within the UK have some type of diabetes.

Sort 2 diabetes is related to being obese, and your probabilities of creating it are larger if it runs in your loved ones.

The situation implies that the physique doesn’t reply correctly to insulin – the hormone that controls the absorption of sugar into the blood – and can’t correctly regulate blood sugar ranges.

Extra fats within the liver will increase the chance of creating kind 2 diabetes as a result of the buildup makes it more durable to regulate glucose ranges and in addition makes the physique extra proof against insulin.

Shedding weight is vital to decreasing liver fats and controlling signs.

Signs embrace fatigue, thirst, and frequent urination.

This may result in extra critical nerve, imaginative and prescient and coronary heart issues.

Remedy often entails eating regimen and life-style adjustments, however extra extreme circumstances might require remedy.

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Co-author Professor Frances Ashcroft, a physiologist, mentioned: “This can be a probably helpful option to attempt to stop beta cell decline in diabetes.

“As a result of glucose metabolism usually stimulates insulin secretion, it has beforehand been hypothesized that elevated glucose metabolism would enhance insulin secretion in T2DM [type 2 diabetes] and glucokinase activators have been tried with blended outcomes.’

She added: “Our information recommend that glucokinase activators might have an opposed impact and, considerably counterintuitively, {that a} glucokinase inhibitor could also be one of the best technique for the remedy of T2DM.

“After all, it will be necessary to scale back glucose flux in T2D to the extent present in individuals with out diabetes—and no additional.

“However there’s a very lengthy option to go earlier than we are able to say whether or not this method will likely be helpful for treating beta-cell depletion in T2DM.

“Within the meantime, the primary message from our research is that you probably have kind 2 diabetes, it is necessary to maintain your blood glucose ranges below good management.”

A research revealed within the journal Communications of natureappeared on the results of hypoglycemia — excessive blood sugar — in diabetic mice.

They measured how a lot insulin the mice produced after they got sugar for these with low blood glucose and people with power hypoglycemia.

Mice got medicine that blocked glucokinase — an enzyme that helps break down glucose within the blood — for 2 days to see if it was glucose or the breakdown of glucose that prompted the usually decrease insulin ranges in individuals with hypoglycemia.

The outcomes confirmed that the drug had little impact on mice with low blood sugar, however “considerably prevented the dramatic lower in GSIS and insulin content material brought on by power hyperglycemia.”

This decrease insulin stage in individuals with hypoglycemia was brought on by the breakdown of glucose, not the sugar itself, the group mentioned.

When individuals eat carbohydrates, the meals is damaged down into blood sugar. This tells the pancreas to launch insulin, which permits glucose to enter the physique’s cells.

However over time, excessive blood sugar may cause insulin resistance.

As a result of insulin is just not as efficient at breaking down sugar, it causes the physique to supply increasingly more of it.

This finally causes the pancreas to wear down, inflicting the system to fail and leading to excessive blood sugar ranges.

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