If communication is the important thing – What’s the lock?

If communication is the important thing – What’s the lock?

They are saying communication is the important thing to a profitable marriage, friendship, and even selling effectivity within the market. It is arduous to disagree with that assertion, and it is true in nearly each case. But when communication is the important thing, you must ask your self what’s the lock? In different phrases, what occurred or occurred that brought on an issue or problem that might solely be solved by communication? Is poor communication the lock? That does not appear proper.

Nevertheless, you may say that lack of coaching or understanding is the lock, and communication is what solves this downside. But when we fail to speak in the course of the coaching, or if folks misunderstand one another, it is normally a communication downside within the first place. Due to this fact, it may very well be mentioned that communication will not be solely the important thing, but additionally the lock. And in that case, why do not we each throw away the important thing, and why would you see the locked door or put up fences between us?

Is it true that the human race can not operate with out good communication? Is that why everybody has 5 methods to contact them? Is that why everyone seems to be busy speaking on the web, having conversations at dwelling, utilizing cell telephones and even textual content messaging whereas driving? And the place do additionally they drive, drive themselves loopy, or drive to work to speak with their co-workers, prospects, prospects, and the patron?

I might let you know that communication is the lock and the important thing, and the fact is that you must open the door, or look within the mirror and see. Certainly, I hope you’ll please think about this.

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