Geomagnetic fields reveal the reality behind biblical tales

Geomagnetic fields reveal the reality behind biblical tales

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind biblical stories

A wall of fired clay bricks from Tel Batash (biblical Timna) with orientation markings within the subject. Writer: Yoav Vaknin.

A joint research carried out by TAU and the Hebrew College with the participation of 20 researchers from completely different nations and disciplines allowed to precisely date 21 layers of destruction at 17 archaeological websites in Israel by reconstructing the course and/or depth of the earth’s magnetic subject recorded within the burned stays. New proof confirms biblical descriptions of Egyptian, Aramaic, Assyrian and Babylonian navy campaigns towards the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

The finds present, for instance, that the military of Hazael, king of Aram-Damascus, was liable for the destruction of a number of cities – Tel Rehava, Tel Zait and Horvat Tevet, along with Gath of the Philistines, the destruction of which is recorded within the Hebrew Bible. On the similar time, the analysis disproves the prevailing principle that Azael was the conqueror who destroyed Tel-Wager-Shen.

Different geomagnetic findings point out that cities within the Negev have been destroyed by the Edomites, who took benefit of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah by the Babylonians.

The bottom-breaking interdisciplinary research was printed in Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences and is predicated on Yoav Vaknin’s doctoral dissertation underneath the supervision of Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef and Prof. Oded Lipshitz of TAU’s Institute of Archeology and Prof. Ron Schaar of the Hebrew College’s Institute of Earth Sciences.

Yoav Vaknin talks in regards to the analysis. Writer: Tel Aviv College

Researchers clarify that geophysicists, making an attempt to grasp the mechanism of the earth magnetic subject, to trace modifications on this space all through historical past. To do that, they use archaeological finds containing magnetic minerals, which, when heated or burned, repair the magnetic subject on the time of fireplace.

So in a 2020 research, researchers recreated the magnetic subject that was at 9thousand month of Av, 586 BC, the Jewish date of the destruction of the First Temple and the town of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar and his Babylonian military.

Now, utilizing archaeological findings discovered over a number of a long time at 17 websites throughout Israel, together with historic info from historical inscriptions and biblical accounts, researchers have been capable of reconstruct the magnetic fields recorded in 21 layers of destruction. They used the info to develop a dependable new scientific software for archaeological relationship.

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind biblical stories

Yoav Vaknin conducts measurements on the positioning. Writer: Shai Halevi, Israel Antiquities Authority.

Yoav Vaknin explains that “based mostly on the similarity or distinction within the depth and course of the magnetic subject, we are able to affirm or refute hypotheses that declare that sure locations have been burned throughout the identical navy marketing campaign. Furthermore, we plotted the variation curve of the sector depth over time, which may function a scientific relationship software, much like the radiocarbon relationship technique.’

One instance cited by researchers is the destruction of Gath the Philistine (recognized right this moment as Tel Tzafit within the Judean foothills) by Hazael, king of Aram-Damascus. Varied relationship strategies have positioned this occasion round 830 BC, however haven’t been capable of affirm that Hazael was additionally liable for the destruction of Tel Rehav, Tel Zait, and Horvat Tevet.

Now, a brand new research that reveals full statistical synchronization between the magnetic fields registered in any respect 4 of those websites in the course of the destruction makes a really sturdy case for his or her destruction throughout the identical marketing campaign.

Then again, the extent of destruction at Tel Beth Shean, which data a totally completely different magnetic subject, refutes the prevailing speculation that it too was destroyed by Hazael. As an alternative, magnetic information from Beth Shean point out that this metropolis, together with two different websites in northern Israel, was most likely destroyed 70-100 years in the past, a date that might correspond to a navy marketing campaign by the Egyptian pharaoh Shoshenko.

Shoshenko’s marketing campaign is described within the Hebrew Bible and in an inscription on the wall of the Temple of Amun in Karnak, Egypt, which mentions Beth Shen as certainly one of his conquests.

One of the crucial attention-grabbing findings revealed by the brand new relationship technique is said to the top of the Judean kingdom. Professor Erez Ben Yosef says, “The final days of the Judean kingdom are broadly debated. Some researchers, counting on archaeological information, declare that Judea was not utterly destroyed by the Babylonians.

“Whereas Jerusalem and the border cities within the Judean foothills ceased to exist, different cities within the Negev, the southern Judean mountains, and the southern Judean foothills remained largely untouched. Magnetic outcomes now help this speculation, exhibiting that the Babylonians weren’t solely liable for Judah’s final demise.

“A long time after the destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple, the websites within the Negev that survived the Babylonian marketing campaign have been destroyed—most likely by the Edomites who took benefit of Jerusalem’s fall. This betrayal and participation within the destruction of Jerusalem The surviving cities could clarify why the Hebrew Bible expresses a lot hatred for the Edomites – for instance, within the prophecy of Obadiah.

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind biblical stories

A map of the studied layers of destruction and varied navy campaigns. Writer: Itamar Ben-Ezra

Professor Oded Lipschitz provides that “the brand new relationship software is exclusive as a result of it’s based mostly on geomagnetic information from websites whose actual dates of destruction are identified from historic sources. Combining exact historic info with superior, complete archaeological analysis, now we have been capable of base the magnetic technique on a firmly established chronology.’

A separate paper presenting the scientific ideas of the brand new archaeomagnetic relationship technique is in preparation. Professor Ron Schaar, who led the geophysical elements of the analysis and the event of the geomagnetic relationship technique, explains that “the Earth’s magnetic subject is essential to our existence. Most individuals don’t notice that with out it life on earth couldn’t exist as a result of it protects us from cosmic radiation and the photo voltaic wind. As well as, each people and animals use it for navigation. The geomagnetic subject is created by the Earth’s outer core, at a depth of two,900 km, by currents of liquid iron.”

Geomagnetic fields reveal the truth behind biblical stories

Fired clay stones. Writer: Tel Aviv College.

“Due to the chaotic motion of this iron, the magnetic subject modifications over time. Till not too long ago, scientists thought it remained pretty steady over a long time, however archaeomagnetic research contradict this assumption, revealing some excessive and unpredictable modifications in antiquity. Our location right here, in Israel is exceptionally favorable for archaeomagnetic research due to the massive variety of well-dated archaeological findings. Over the previous decade, now we have reconstructed the magnetic fields recorded by a whole bunch of archaeological objects.”

“By combining this information set with information from Joab’s research of historic destruction layers, we have been capable of type a steady curve of variation that exhibits speedy, abrupt modifications within the geomagnetic subject. That is nice information each for archaeologists, who can now use geomagnetic information to find out the age of historical supplies and for geophysicists who research the earth’s core.’

Hen bones and snail shells assist archaeologists decide the date of the destruction of the traditional metropolis

Further info:
Vaknin, Joav, Reconstruction of Biblical Army Campaigns Utilizing Geomagnetic Area Information, Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences (2022). DOI: 10.1073/pnas.2209117119.

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