Downside with Pulmonoscorpios | Jurassic World Alive Wiki

Downside with Pulmonoscorpios | Jurassic World Alive Wiki

To get a really feel for issues, let’s begin with an epic format with no increase. After 87 different epics, I discovered 6.5 of those scorpions. Let’s begin with this .5 bit. Pink is ready to struggle off these guys, however the bleeding causes Pink to fall within the course of. This primary counter wants 2 dodges to win the match. Gen 2 Indominus Rex BARELY kills these scorpions with 2 hits and a cloak after which a punch. I do know this can be a very dangerous strategy to take care of them, but it surely works. The following counter is extra dependable, however can even go down if Pulmonoscorpios will get fortunate with a 15% crit price. Diplodocus is the perfect creature in opposition to the pack in epic codecs with its excessive resistance to assault, distraction and stun, in addition to its massive mass, but when Pulmonoscorpios will get a vital hit on debuff, Diplodocus will die with it, or they’ll change to Woolly Rhino in that whereas the diplodocus was trapped as a result of it didn’t escape. All of our subsequent 3 counters have a problem: fill the identical area of interest (which I’ll discuss within the subsequent article). Erlikogamma is the strongest of the three, however on this state of affairs she is definitely the weakest of the three when going through Pulmonoscorpios. If Pulmonoscorpios will get a vital hit on the proper time, it’s going to go down. Nevertheless, Erlikogamma can even face a swapper, which is beneficial. Subsequent comes Velosrhacos. The Lava Fowl can maintain these guys down higher due to its bleed and stun immunity, permitting it to cautiously make its strategy to victory. Lastly, the final counter can also be the weakest of the three within the general meta and the weakest creature of all of the creatures talked about. Procerathomimus has fallen, however with resistance to stun and immunity to bleeding, it is ready to maintain its personal in opposition to these pesky invertebrates. The final counter is the Giganotosaurus. This epic might be surprised the primary time it hits, however due to its bleed resistance, it might stand up to the hit after which fireplace again with its personal, knocking everybody down in a single hit. Giganotosaurus can also be the BEST counter to those guys as a result of the vital barrier retains these pests on the sphere so the Giganotosaurus can final hit with sufficient bulk to outlive 2 crits. It might look like no completely different than Argenteryx or Megalotops, nonetheless these 2 have much more checks within the format than Pulmonoscorpios and plenty of of them do not occupy the identical area of interest. For instance, Argenteryx has not solely Megalotops and Pulmonoscorpios, but additionally Amargocephalus, Antarctopelta, Ankylodicurus, Blue, Brachiosaurus, Brontolasmus, Carbonemyes, Diplodocus, Erlikogamma, Majundaboa, Procerathomimus and Pink. Megalotops additionally shares many of those, in addition to creatures just like the Titanoboa, Tiger, and Woolly Rhino. Many of those creatures make sense, for instance Titanoboa ought to counter Megalotops because it has Distraction Immunity, Vulnerability and Accuracy to reap the benefits of Megalotops decrease velocity and dodge and distraction skill. The identical goes for Amargocephalus in opposition to Argenteryx, as his counter helps him look ahead to a dodge on Fearless Alarm 1’s flip after which permits him to deal a number of harm from vulnerability and his group impact whereas absorbing hits with a excessive armor stat. However with Pulmonoscorpios, it not solely kills many creatures weak to bleed and stun, but additionally many creatures resistant to each. Indominus Rex gen 2 barely comes out on high, and if it would not dodge, it loses. Secundantosaurus and Edaphosaurus are resistant to bleed and stun, however since they’re slower and stop brute power, they solely have a CD of 1. Of the 6 different epic creatures which are resistant to bleed, solely 3 kill it. And of the 14 creatures with stun immunity, solely 4 can knock him down. Nevertheless, there’s a silver lining. Pulmonoscorpios is similar to Diplodocus in that it’s exhausted after a match. You possibly can simply put in one thing like a Dimodactylus and get it out, as these guys are often decreased to at least one member. However when they’re on the pitch, they dominate and dominate laborious. However whereas many of those creatures do enhance, the actual drawback could also be in format preferences.

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