Da Bo Gong Temple – A Taoist temple that pulls each worshipers and vacationers

Da Bo Gong Temple – A Taoist temple that pulls each worshipers and vacationers

The serene island of Kusu, one in every of Singapore’s southern islands, has grown from a mere couple of reef outcrops into a large island that has achieved vacation vacation spot standing. One of many important sights on Kusu Island is the Taoist Da Bo Gong Temple, which homes two important deities, Da Bo Gong and Guan Yin. Da Bo Gong, often called the God of Prosperity or God of Service provider, is revered for his reputed skill to remedy illness, bestow prosperity, avert hazard, and calm the seas. Guan Yin, alternatively, is taken into account to confer fertility and bestow kids. The picturesque red-hued temple was constructed by a rich businessman in 1923.

The temple web site is related to a well-liked legend that two sailors, Malay and Chinese language, have been shipwrecked close by. Seeing their plight, an enormous tortoise reworked itself into an island as a way to create a secure haven for them, thereby saving their lives.

Taoists commemorate this miraculous rescue to at the present time by making a pilgrimage to Da Bo Gong Temple, arriving on the shrine of their hundreds. A variety of pilgrims go to the shrine, praying to deities and burning choices. One of many distinguishing options of the temple is its wishing effectively which has been created within the form of a lotus flower. Devotees throw cash into the effectively, attempting to strike the three bells positioned contained in the effectively, as a way to fulfill their needs. One other ritual includes a “wishing tree”; the pilgrims write their needs on a chunk of paper, fold it, tie it with a pink string and throw it excessive within the tree. It’s believed that the upper the paper lands, the higher the prospect of the want coming true.

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