Artemis I Moon Mission Replace, Lunar Lantern, CAPSTONE Success

Artemis I Moon Mission Replace, Lunar Lantern, CAPSTONE Success

CAPSTONE lunar lantern of the Artemis I mission to the Moon

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The Artemis I mission to the moon remains to be on track for a November launch

NASA is nonetheless getting my bearings November 14 to launch Artwork Area launch system rocket and Orion spacecraft. on Artemis I. The unmanned flight check will ship Orion past the Moon and again to Earth.

CAPSTONE featured in Lunar Sunrise

CAPSTONE Revealed at Moonrise: CAPSTONE will fly in cylindrical house – the orbital house close to and across the Moon. The mission will exhibit an modern answer for navigation between spacecraft on the Moon from the practically rectilinear halo orbit deliberate for the Artemis Gateway. Credit score: Illustration by NASA/Daniel Rutter

CAPSTONE completes a profitable maneuver

After a profitable trajectory correction maneuver, CAPSTONE SPACE SHIP it’s nonetheless anticipated to reach in lunar orbit on November 13. CAPSTONE will expertise the identical distinctive elliptical lunar orbit because the Gateway Lunar Outpost we are going to use as an element NASA Artemis program.

NASA's Moonlight above the Moon

This illustration reveals a NASA lunar lantern above the Moon. The SmallSat mission could have a extremely elongated orbit, taking it inside 9 miles (15 kilometers) of the moon’s south pole to seek for water ice within the moon’s darkest craters. Credit score: NASA

The seek for water ice on the south pole of the Moon

NASA Moonlight is a small satellite tv for pc that can use lasers to seek for water ice contained in the darkest craters on the moon’s south pole. Water ice could possibly be a priceless useful resource for astronauts on future missions to the Moon. Lunar Flashlight is scheduled to launch in November.

This visualization simulates the illumination on the south pole of the Moon in 2023. The sphere of view covers the realm south of 88° south latitude. Credit score: NASA Science Imaging Studio

Illumination on the south pole of the Moon

This NASA rendering simulates the lighting on the moon’s south pole all through 2023 and provides you an thought of ​​what a few of the craters will seem like from above. Information from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was used to create this visualization.

Here is what’s occurring this week at @NASA…

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