Why Do Hotel Rooms Rarely Have Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans have existed since time in memorial; although those made in the past cannot compare with the current ones. The manufacturer started by making fans consisting of more aluminum and less copper. These were cheap, yet we cannot ignore the fact that they were inefficient.

Reasons behind the lack of ceiling fans in many hotels

Why Do Hotel Rooms Rarely Have Ceiling FansInstallation and maintenance costs:

Ceiling fans are not very expensive to purchase, however the wiring makes them expensive. Fans like any other amenity deserve continuous checkup and maintenance. They might become irritating. In many instances, fans tend to lose balance therefore causing a lot of noise.

Ceiling fans attract dust:

There is always dust that collects on the fan blades and it is irritates to get it off.

Restriction of guests’ freedom:

In other occasions some guests may feel like jumping on the bed. Consequently, the blades might knock the head of that person. Of course, such a customer will not be encouraged to visit the hotel again.

Phobic guests:

Some people naturally have ceiling fan phobia which they cannot control. This makes hotel owners and management avoid ceiling fans so that they don’t lose customers; because they cannot tell whoever is fan-phobic and who is not.

Ceiling fans are Prone to damage:

Why Do Hotel Rooms Rarely Have Ceiling FansCeiling fans are normally damaged easily, however they require expensive service; their replacement is difficult. Fans usually are run by motors and these motors are prone to overheating, therefore raising the temperatures of the room.

Many hotels nowadays prefer having air conditioners to ceiling fans. This happens because conditioners cool down large areas compared to fans. These conditioners cool down all the hotel rooms which is impossible with fans. The fan on the other hand will just blow the surrounding hot air. It is therefore difficult to install both air conditioners and air fans since they both use electricity.

What should be done to encourage hotels to adopt ceiling fans?

Lack of ceiling fans in many hotels has given innovators and manufacturers a positive challenge. Consequently, they have worked tirelessly to invent a substitute of the ceiling fans which have been dominating the market previously.

Eventually, some of the manufacturers have invented DC ceiling fans, whose motor use electrical flow of direct current. These fans are usually quite energy efficient compared to standard AC-fans. The DC fans are not noisy and therefore do not cause distractions, also generates relatively less heat.

These eco-friendly ceiling fans are also light in weight since the motor they use is light. This makes them a bit more flexible, hence their speed is quite high. Not only this but also they have the potential to save energy as much as 70%. It is advisable that hotels adopt the eco-friendly ceilings for the best advantage of their customers.

Some of the top brands which have discovered and are selling eco-friendly fans include: Orient Electric with its latest model called Eco gale, Super fan is another brand, Luxaire, also Orbit Greens, Gorilla Fan among others.


Hotels should consider installing fans of higher volume and mount them above the bed. These ceiling fans should be the eco-friendly DC type since they are far much better than the AC ones. For that reason, rarely will there be found a hotel lacking ceiling fans.