Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian Restaurants

India is a home to most of the world most popular dishes. Most of these dishes are cooked with local farm produce such as grain, vegetables, milk, and meat among other crops and animal products. The dishes are largely available in numerous restaurants in various places in India.

What are the Top Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian Restaurants?

There are a couple of Indian dishes that are popular among many people across the world. These dishes provide the most favorite food for the Indian visitors in various restaurants and hotels. Some of them include:

1) Samosa

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsThis is a popular dish in very many parts of Asia. It can be eaten as a snack or as a part of your breakfast. A samosa is cooked using baked pasties which are used to food materials such as vegetables, peas, potatoes, meat, and onions. The dish is not only tasty especially while hot but it is also accompanied by a spicy and delicious smell.

2) Chutney and Raita

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsThis is another package of Indian dish which is cool and spicy. The chutney is a sauce which is made of various spices, fruits, and also vegetables. On the other hand, the raita is a sauce which is made with yogurt and herb spices such as mint. Chutney and raita are light foods which should be eaten as snacks.

3) Basmati Rice

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsRice is a common food in Asia and in India too. The Basmati rice is cooked together with ghee (butter) and cumin seeds. The rice can also be cooked as a pilaf which is more attractive and common in India than the white rice. Basmati rice is commonly served with raita or with vegetables and peas.

4) Papad

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsIndians are not used to the bread basket especially in their restaurants. Instead, they prefer the papad which is locally baked thin disc-like bread. The papad is cooked with black gram flour and properly dried while cooking. The papad can be served with chutneys. It is also commonly served with spicy pickles in which it is dipped while eating.

5) Aloo Tikki

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsThe aloo tikki is the most famous and delicious Indian potato dish. It is normally eaten as a snack especially between breakfast and lunchtime or later in the evening. The dish is prepared using mashed potatoes which are then mixed with vegetables and spices before being fried with oil. This dish is common in many restaurants and even in the streets.

6) Momos

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsMomos are the Indian dumplings. They are normally prepared with wheat flour and different spices. The spices add flavor and even more taste. They are always steamed while sauce is added before they can be served. Momos are served with meat fillings or vegetables.

7) Palak Paneer

Famous Dishes to Eat in Indian RestaurantsPalak in Hindi means spinach or greens while paneer means white cheese which has been freshly made. Thus, palak paneer is a dish which has been prepared with spinach and cheese. This food is common in many Indian hotels and restaurants and it can be served with meat or other food types.


There are countless Indian dishes which are popular among visitors. Most of these dishes are always found in the menus of numerous restaurants in India. Therefore, you can be sure to find your best Indian dish in your next visit to India.