Claridges Hotel, New Delhi

The Claridges are classic hotels in New Delhi, India; they were constructed in 1952. They are typically founded in unity with a mission for sustainable development through society uplifting. They cooperate with other organizations to improve the environmental hygiene. Moreover, they always offer high quality services to their guests.

Services offered at Claridges Hotel

Claridges Hotel, New DelhiThe hotels are five in number, and they are elegantly structured for luxurious purposes. Its central position near the bustling commercial of the capital and the cultural centers attracts many customers. Whenever guests arrive, courteous and hospitable staffs are always ready to attend to them warmly.

Furthermore, the accommodation is offered to the fullest, with the 140 rooms that are spacious enough. These rooms include Deluxe rooms which are beautifully-appointed, and luxury suites. Additionally, the Hotel has two large conference rooms, Maharani and Viceregal, which accommodates 140 and 200 people respectively.

Other amenities available are: a lounge with an accommodation capacity of 14 people, and a boardroom that accommodates 15 people. Not only that, but the Hotel also provides money exchange facilities upon request. Car Rental Facility and spa are also among the services offered at Claridges Hotel.

Amenities for recreation are available at everybody’s disposal, which include: a health club, an outdoor swimming pool, and also a steam room

Besides, the swimming pool is temperature-controlled and lies there delightfully. Just next to the pool surrounds complete sun-decks and cabanas. A bar and loungers are also found near the proximities of the swimming pool, with ambient lightning and unceasing music. Cocktails of exotic origin are pleasurably served at this base.

Expansive lawns surround this hotel providing a welcoming microclimate anybody could wish to have. Moreover, a garden that can truly hold the eye lies there hence is surely an oasis of tranquility.

The Claridges amazingly holds large number of guests since it has got seven dining rooms. People from almost every corner of the world find themselves in this hotel. This attraction happens because it is rated as one of the best restaurants ever.

During the weekends and vacations, the vacationers spent time at the hotel. Also, government officials who are known to be prestigious, and diplomats choose to have luxury at Claridges often.

Why prefer Claridges

Claridges Hotel, New DelhiClaridges Hotel is customer-friendly because it is somehow a bit cheaper. Its location also makes it more preferable since it is centrally located near the central shopping district. Furthermore, the services, facilities and amenities serve as adequate attraction point for guests since they are highly preferable.

The fact that Claridges Hotel is a 5 star attracts guests especially those on vacations. The lawns at this hotel are lovely and appeasing to the eye. Moreover, there is a relaxing atmosphere provided by the lush garden. The staffs are always alert and respond immediately they are called upon, or in case a need or an emergency arises. Additionally, this hotel is very secure as it really values the security of its guests.


The Hotel was carefully designed making it stunning, then equipped in a way that there is nothing you lack there. It warmly offers spacious rooms and suites which are exquisitely appointed. Additionally, there exist options for dining and fully equipped leisure facilities. Business facilities are also in place for business oriented people or rather entrepreneurs.