Reasons You Should Travel Along Portable Gun Safe

A portable gun safe refers to a type of a lightweight and compact safe. The safe is made in a way that enables it to be carried along by people while travelling. Also, some of these safes are even permitted to be carried along when travelling by air.

Reasons for carrying your Portable Gun Safe while travelling

  1. Security alert: Recently, portable gun safes are in high demand due to security issues. People are careful to ensure their lives are safe and more so when they travel to new places.

  2. It is a requirement in some states. Several states have granted their citizens the permission to travel along weapons. However, it is mandatory by law to also purchase a cabinet that is specifically for ammunition and firearms. Additionally, not everybody is allowed to have access to this cabinet.
  3. For safety purposes: The world we are living in is not safe always, contrasting our wish. This calls for a need to keep yourself and your family protected; by sourcing an appropriate security measure.
  4. Reducing accidents at home and avoiding paving way for burglar attack. Some of the gun safes are made for being used at home, hence not for travelling with. However, such safes might cause more harm than help, in case a child tries to access it or a burglar finds it. Therefore, it is wise to carry the safe with you to avoid unnecessary damages.
  5. Protection of property and self while away from home. Also, if you often use your personal vehicle, you should ensure protecting the vehicle that you always protect it. Protecting the vehicle will also mean protecting yourself, since you are the person using its. In this case, you should fix a portable handgun safe directly under the vehicle seat or in the trunk.
  6. With portable gun safe in your vehicle while travelling, it gives you peace of mind and a sense of security. The safe keeps secure your weapons and this security is also assured by the fact that you use your fingerprint to open it.
  7. Additionally, this safe other than storing weapons, you can also carry other essentials in it. For instance, important things like expensive jewelry, money, your car keys, iPhone among others. Also, you can carry your important documents in the safe to protect them from damage or lose.
  8. Uncertainties are inevitable in journeys and this gives portable gun safes high demand. While travelling, your car can accidentally break at the middle of a forest full of dangerous animals. Therefore you are forced to protect yourself and your car using weapons from the safe.
  9.  Also, when you are using public means the portable safe is still important. This is because you might be sitting next to a dangerous person, or the vehicle is hijacked. At this point you should not hesitate but act immediately to save lives.


Due to the situation the world is in, it is useless to travel leaving your gun behind. Rather, you should consider always having confidence with the place your gun in the vehicle is, and its accessibility assured. The safe do not need to be unlocked with a key because it can be misplaced, lost or stolen; it should be automatic.



Why Do Hotel Rooms Rarely Have Ceiling Fans?

Ceiling fans have existed since time in memorial; although those made in the past cannot compare with the current ones. The manufacturer started by making fans consisting of more aluminum and less copper. These were cheap, yet we cannot ignore the fact that they were inefficient.

Reasons behind the lack of ceiling fans in many hotels

  1. Installation and maintenance costs: Ceiling fans are not very expensive to purchase, however the wiring makes them expensive. Fans like any other amenity deserve continuous checkup and maintenance.
  2. They might become irritating. In many instances, fans tend to lose balance therefore causing a lot of noise.
  3. Ceiling fans attract dust: There is always dust that collects on the fan blades and it is irritates to get it off.
  4. Restriction of guests’ freedom: In other occasions some guests may feel like jumping on the bed. Consequently, the blades might knock the head of that person. Of course, such a customer will not be encouraged to visit the hotel again.
  5. Phobic guests: Some people naturally have ceiling fan phobia which they cannot control. This makes hotel owners and management avoid ceiling fans so that they don’t lose customers; because they cannot tell whoever is fan-phobic and who is not.
  6. Ceiling fans are Prone to damage: Ceiling fans are normally damaged easily, however they require expensive service; their replacement is difficult.
  7. Fans usually are run by motors and these motors are prone to overheating, therefore raising the temperatures of the room.
  8. Many luxury hotels nowadays prefer having air conditioners to ceiling fans. This happens because conditioners cool down large areas compared to fans. These conditioners cool down all the hotel rooms which is impossible with fans. The fan on the other hand will just blow the surrounding hot air. It is therefore difficult to install both air conditioners and air fans since they both use electricity.

What should be done to encourage hotels to adopt ceiling fans?

Lack of ceiling fans in many hotels has given innovators and manufacturers a positive challenge. Consequently, they have worked tirelessly to invent a substitute of the ceiling fans which have been dominating the market previously.

Eventually, some of the manufacturers have invented DC ceiling fans, whose motor use electrical flow of direct current. These fans are usually quite energy efficient compared to standard AC-fans. The DC fans are not noisy and therefore do not cause distractions, also generates relatively less heat.

These eco-friendly ceiling fans are also light in weight since the motor they use is light. This makes them a bit more flexible, hence their speed is quite high. Not only this but also they have the potential to save energy as much as 70%. It is advisable that hotels adopt the eco-friendly ceilings for the best advantage of their customers. A ceiling fan can also serve a practical function as many ceiling fans also have light built in and there are many different options available.

Some of the top brands which have discovered and are selling eco-friendly fans include: Orient Electric with its latest model called Eco gale, Super fan is another brand, Luxaire, also Orbit Greens, Gorilla Fan among others.


Hotels should consider installing fans of higher volume and mount them above the bed. These ceiling fans should be the eco-friendly DC type since they are far much better than the AC ones. For that reason, rarely will there be found a hotel lacking ceiling fans.



A Complete Guide to Portable Air Conditioner BTU – Small vs Large

A Complete Guide to Portable Air Conditioner BTU – Small vs Large

There are four main choices when it comes to selecting the correct BTU for your portable air conditioner. Available choices on the list are 8,000, 10,000, 12,000 and 14,000 BTU. While all of the list information can be jarring for beginners, a lot of the smaller (and larger) units are beginner friendly. With the bulk of these models having full featured remotes, most users can tuck their air conditioner away in the corner and never have to worry about it again. With some research that focuses on priorities, you’ll have all of the necessary features needed to buy the most compatible portable air conditioner for your personal use.


DELLA 048-GM-48266 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

A Complete Guide to Portable Air Conditioner BTU – Small vs LargeBeginners will find the indoor qualities of this portable air conditioner to be easy on a daily basis. Workshops, bedrooms, classrooms and other indoor spaces of comparable size is the perfect setting for this product. The price is on the high side, but it is well worth it for what you get in the overall package. Another great use that buyers have had with this product is when they have a garage workspace. That is an area that tends to get hot and humid in a hurry, so the stellar performance of this Della unit proves useful in getting temps to a comfortable level so that you can work without worry. Included with the purchase is a window kit and exhaust hoses, both which work out to a painless installation. The window install in particular works out well when there is good airflow from the setup. Monitoring all of this action is the LCD digital display which is of good size, not too big and not too small. It’s easy to read and manages to squeeze a lot of information on the screen without being too cluttered.

Buyers will love how well informed they are of the current program settings by taking a quick glance at the LCD. When not using the remote control, the touch sensitive buttons on the unit itself are a refreshing change from the buttons that need to be mashed in the older units. This will come into play when you either lose the remote control or have the unit within arm’s reach. For buyers that want to use the remote, have no fear since it is a full function remote control. That means you have 100% functionality of the air conditioner from anywhere within the range of the remote. With it you will be able to set up speed cooling sessions along with variable speeds that go by a schedule. That is a good reason why this is recommended for beginners, due in large part to having the most accessible set of features right out of the box. Della is a good portable air conditioning company to start out with, and this is a fantastic buy.

SPT WA-8088E 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Continuing on with the power of 8,000 BTU is this air conditioner from SPT, made for intermediate to professional users. The power of this little unit might be underwhelming when it is put in a larger room than normal, but the main reason people choose to purchase this air conditioner is because of the programming options. It has one of the most advanced timers for a unit of its size, and is a bit of a standout in that regard. It can be configured to be on or off with a 24 hour schedule, which fully maximizes its value in a cost conscious situation. Buyers can consider this ideal for small shops or waiting rooms where air circulation is necessary. And with a built in self-evaporating system, more fresh air is cycled through so that it cools areas faster and more effective than other units of the same size.

The price is high, but it is well worth it when you consider how customizable the options are. That is a difference maker for buyers that plan on using this in multiple small locations. It’s an even better deal for users that want a portable air conditioner that won’t run up the electric bill too high. The display on the unit is nice, but is nothing too fancy. You’ll get the basics on the screen, so the star of the unit is going to be the remote with LED display. This is one of the best remotes you can hope for with a unit of this size, and it’s a true standout on the list. When you use it for the first time, there is no way to go back to using a regular remote for any other air conditioner unit-it’s that good. When paired with the overall package, the price seems right for everything you get. Even if the display on the unit is average, the incredible remote control is more than enough to make up for it.

CCH YPL3-08C CCH-Ypl3-08 8000 BTU Air Conditioner

The first thing that grabs you about this high priced portable unit is the multiple available colors and sizes. This is proof that 8,000 BTU units can be just as customizable as the more powerful units, and as a bonus this product is great for all levels of users. Available colors are silver, white, black and multi-color. The multi-color is a nice mix that looks good in all settings, but the real standout is silver. Shiny and calling for attention, it really looks professional when paired up with the right furniture. Buyers that want their portable air conditioner to blend in rather than stand out will find the black or white options the most adequate for their needs. Sizes available range from small, medium, medium-large and large. The differences are negligible, but enough that you’ll want to pay attention to it if you are particular about specifications. With the ability to cool up to 250 square feet, the only disappointing thing to say about the unit is that it only partially cools up to 350 square feet.

This makes it a tad bit underpowered compared to the other units in this category, which can be a bit of a slight if you tend to use your air conditioner around the clock. So when trying to cool rooms bigger than 250 square feet, you will notice a power jump that will push the equipment past its limit if left on for too long. This not only degrades the quality of the unit over time, it also raises your electric bill. Another knock on the unit is that it doesn’t offer a remote control out of the box. Buyers that want one will have to make a separate purchase, which is overall an odd decision since the bulk of the models on the list come with a remote. Even with some of these flaws, it is a standout unit from the viewpoint of a customer that wants style options and sizes. As long as you don’t push it too hard, it can be a very compatible unit for home or work.

Koldfront PAC801W Ultracool 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The last of the 8,000 BTU units on the list is this Koldfront model in white, one of the better choices on the list. It is a true multifunction unit with a lot of great reviews to back up its high price. Suitable for all levels, an incredible part of this units functions is the adjustable thermostat. It is at its best when it is set between the minimum 62 degrees up to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. As fast as it cools a room, there are no worries about noise issues. This has been a problem with older model that were true workhorses but came at the price of being noisy. The best way to describe the noise level is thinking of a medium sized fan, which by itself isn’t that much noise at all. Operating this air conditioner at higher speeds won’t cause a dramatic increase in noise, so buyers should consider this one of the quietest 8,000 BTU units on the list. A good luxury feature for this model are the shutters which automatically close and open. It’s not a flimsy feature, and is very handy in keeping the air circulating in the room.

This feature pairs well with the auto drain system and directional air louvers. Using the remote is nice, but the functions are basic when compared to the other models in this category. With it you can access most of the primary functions, but there is still a lot missing from the overall package. The remote is good for when you need to handle basic functions related to the air conditioner. Where it gets tricky is when you need the options that a robust remote would provide. Since the max size the unit can handle is 250 square feet, the remote won’t be that big of an issue unless you operate it from a different area. For customers that want a pretty decent humidifying function, there is a built in 45 pint dehumidifier. This little add on shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it holds up well against larger air conditioners with the same feature. With all of that said, this Koldfront model will become a favorite of a lot of buyers that want a small all in one unit.


Shinco SPAZ10W White 10,000 BTU Compact Portable Air Conditioner

A Complete Guide to Portable Air Conditioner BTU – Small vs LargeThe first 10,000 BTU air conditioner on the list is this compact Shinco model, and it builds heavily on the older model to establish its newfound dominance. With a high price and a low learning curve, anyone can get the hang of this fantastic unit. In some places it is even hard to keep in stock due to the high demand. This is due to the ecofriendly design from the company that really pays off in certain rooms. Sometimes this is the main thing that buyers look for when purchasing a portable air conditioner of this size, and while not hard to find, it is still a bonus to the rest of the features. The self-evaporate design is great for saving energy if your electric bill tends to run high.

And when moving it from room to room, the caster wheels provide just enough mobility to keep you from having to strain your muscles to get it from point a to point b. Using cooling wattages between 2001 and 3000, there is enough power with this unit to cool up to 300 square feet. That’s not bad for a build of this size, and especially one that you can move freely around an office space or home. Included is a 1 year limited warranty which is kind of sparse for this type of equipment, so enrolling in something extended is expected in order to protect your long term purchase. Nothing major should happen to the unit over the time you have it, even if you run it for long periods of time. This ecofriendly design was made to run without troubles even in environments that are hard to cool. When deciding on a 10,000 BTU unit, there are a lot of pros with this Shinco model that will turn the heads of buyers. Even the included remote control seems to cover the majority of the operations from afar. The only con is the warranty, and that can be remedied by ordering a more robust one from the manufacturer. In its current state, this is one of the finest portable air conditioners on the list.

TiTAN 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

One of the most expensive portable air conditioners on the list is this Titan model, favored by many. It has made many top ten lists around the world and continues to satisfy thousands of customers. Because of the advanced features on the unit, the buying recommendation tends to lean towards intermediate to professionals. Some of the best places to use this model is in an office, a dorm and even a garage. As long as a window is nearby it is a grade A unit with a multitude of features. There are four operational modes, fan, cool, auto and dehumidify. The fan is great and has three adjustable speeds to choose from, great for when you need to switch it based on the temperature in the room. Switching between the modes isn’t hard at all, and unlike inferior models the fan speeds have huge differences between the three modes.

Using the dehumidifying option will gain you a 56 pt. limit per day, which is pretty good for a build in feature of the overall unit. It really makes quick work of a room as long as it is 350 square feet or smaller. Along with the usual window kit there is a 48 inch exhaust hose so that you have room to maneuver the unit into a more compatible place. This can come in handy in offices where windows might not be in the most appropriate place for use. Using a beautiful and large LED display, you can control the options from the unit itself or use the full function remote that’s provided. All of the buttons are clearly labeled so there is no confusion about what they do. Yet the big thing to mention about the unit is the R410A refrigerant it uses, which is non-ozone damaging. The unit itself is another ecofriendly product, yet doesn’t cheapen out on power when it is really needed. Buyers should consider this a purchase that is hard to pass on, especially if they plan on using it in multiple environments.

Shinco YPL3 10000BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Shinco makes the list again in the 10,000 BTU category, sporting some of the best new features in the industry. It isn’t uncommon to see them in multiple categories when it comes to portable air conditioners, and this offers them another way to show how solid their company is. Still in the high price range but made for all levels of users, the YPL3 is unique in how it handles power and large areas. A room of 300 square feet can be cooled without taxing the unit, and it comes bundled with a lot of great operational modes. The 2 speed cooling gets right to the point with either a low or high setting, giving you the option to cool an entire room in a few minutes after it is turned on. Consider this one of the quickest cooling units in the 10,000 BTU category, and one you won’t have to worry about leaving on for long periods of time. Depending on your specific situation, there is four way air direction included that should help you decide the placement of the air conditioner.

It provides enough variation that you don’t have to compromise on where it’s going in any room you want to place it in. Buyers that want precise temperature adjustments will also find this model useful, whether using from the built in panel or the remote control. Adjusting the temperature has never been easier, and really opens up an entire new world to buyers that need an air conditioners that commands control of the room. This is also a tank-less self-evaporating air conditioner with an anti-frozen function, so it really is a set it and forget it design. The full efficiency of the unit is on display at all times, with advanced internal and external mechanics to make sure it operates smoothly. A lot of customers that have never owned a portable air conditioner before have been pleased with this as their first purchase. The setup is easy, and it allows for a much more satisfying long term cooling solution. When you need a solid choice, you don’t have to look further than this model.

Whynter Eco-Friendly 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

When people purchase this air conditioner for the first time, it’s hard not to notice how compact it is. And that turns out to be one of the bigger selling points of this product, even at a high price. Buyers of all levels want their 10,000 BTU air conditioner to perform like a champ. Sometimes that comes at a cost, notably size, where more powerful units are larger than normal. The compact size of this Whynter model is a refreshing change from the norm, and even cools up to a massive 300 square feet while in operation. Small spaces are the best place to setup up this air conditioner, and it will have more flexibility than its larger counterparts. Moisture is recycled using self-evaporating technology so that the air it is cooling becomes cooler quicker. It is an overall efficient way of cooling the air at a faster rate without using more energy than necessary. The dehumidifying mode is better than average, and seems to have a lot of thought put into it.

Customers can use both the cooling and dehumidifying modes to control the environment in a room or office. And in places where there is a lot of interference with the electrical currents, the auto-restart feature will use previous settings to power up the air conditioner once power is restored. This is a game changing feature so that you can truly set it and forget it when it comes to the settings on this product. Casters are attached to give even more mobility to the small unit, and when using the built in panel you have full thermostatic control. The remote control design is good, and just like the unit itself maintains a very professional design. Up to 55 pints a day is the max for the water in the dehumidifying feature, which is slightly better than some of the other models on the list. With the included window kit this is a very attractive package for customers, and comes highly recommended.


BLACK+DECKER 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

As one of the top brands on the list, Black and Decker has continued to provide the best products in several industries. Their take on the 12,000 BTU air conditioner is not only fresh, but really brings together a lot of the benefits of all their other models. This is a high priced model, and like all other black and decker products, suitable for all levels of users. What stands out about this product other than the branding is its versatility. You’ll find most people use this portable air conditioner more than any other model they’ve owned, and that is by design. It is a jack of all trades and master of none when it comes to features, yet has little to no weaknesses on the features it prioritizes. The control scheme is easy to get into and doesn’t complicate simple things like air or dehumidification controls. Anyone can set up the unit do control the air in the room without needing to reference the manual for advanced features. As a bonus it operates quietly even at high levels, so it is fine to use this air conditioner in a room where people are sleeping.

The rolling castors and carrying handles give you multiple options to use when transporting it from one place to another. And with the low weight in comparison to other units, it is less of a hassle to load up in your car for and transport. The LED display is bright and clear, making it perfect for rooms with little or no light. Airflow is managed by vertical motion, making for a very unique handling of air flow. For reference, it can cool a room about 20×25 ft. in a matter of minutes. The total weight of the product is only 60 pounds, so no matter how you handle the product, it still ranks as one of the lightest choices on the list. Self-diagnostic tools built into the air conditioner keeps it in tip top shape over the years, along with some minor cleaning. Like all black and decker products, this is a solid choice for buyers that will do the job right.

HL Series 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Just like the black and decker model before it, this Honeywell air conditioner is very flexible when it comes to doing more than just cooling a room. Using incredible 3 in 1 technology, the design of this air conditioner is one of the better looking on the list. And after looking past the pleasing visuals, the power of this air conditioner really shines. It can cool up to 450 square feet, which is one of the highest coverages on the list. This makes it suitable for large areas and rooms where air circulation tends to be a big issue. Businesses will really get a lot of use out of this model since it can accommodate spaces that tend to have a lot of people in them. Even when fresh air is hard to come by, this air conditioner can power through and cool an entire area. And all that square footage it covers with the cooling features is also covered with its dehumidifier.

Starting with the basics, a three speed fan is one of the selling points of this unit. Since this is in the HL series, it is high priced but made for all levels of users. When using any of the fan speeds, users will be able to access either the control panel or the remote quite easily. There is also fan only operation which saves power and keeps you from overtaxing the unit when it is not needed. Pair that up with the multi-operational modes and you have a full function air conditioner that can maintain any precise temperature you need, all day every day. An included window kit is adjustable for sizes 26.6 to 49.6, giving about an extra inch of max size than a normal portable air conditioner. One of the features that isn’t talked about enough is the 6 ft. long power cord, which is long enough to reach out of the way areas. This is a top three air conditioner no matter what BTU, and should be given strong consideration by any customer.

Honeywell MN12CES Portable Air Conditioner

The company that keeps on giving brings it once again with their 12,000 BTU model. This high priced portable air conditioner may be a bit much unless you’re an intermediate or professional user, and takes advantage of some really cool features that are exclusive to the company. A good selling point is that it cools up to a massive 450 square feet, which is great for larger spaces that need a powerhouse cooler. Within only a few minutes buyers will get a cooled off area, and even better is that it doesn’t make a lot of noise while doing so. The built in dehumidifier can handle up to 70 pints of water a day, so the removal interval is really high. Competing products cap out at 50 pints, so if having a powerful dehumidifier option on your air conditioner is important, then this is the model that will do the trick. Like the other Honeywell air conditioners in this category, it is a full 3 in 1 unit with feather touch controls. That means buttons on the unit won’t be a hassle to press, and it’s paired with a clear LED screen that can be read from a good distance.

That clarity is important for when you’re using the included remote control, which is about average when it comes to usefulness. What would have put this portable air conditioner over the top is a full featured remote control that had the same ability as the touch controls on the unit. Even without that, the programmable timer and adjustable temperature options will win over a lot of customers. If you’re worried about the equipment making a mess, the no drip technology takes care of the most common complaints. The area where it is placed to cool the room will be kept free of moisture, and in turn will keep things like mold from finding a comfortable place to grow. This is a pretty good overall value, even for a Honeywell product. If you’re on the fence about this purchase then feel safe in knowing that hundreds of people recommend this for the home and business.

Haier HPN12XHM 12000/11000 BTU Cool & Heat Portable Air Conditioner

Last on the 12,000 BTU list is the Haier HPN12XHM, a good unit with a lot of upside. The most ideal place for this unit is in rooms that have a max size of 450 square feet. So once again the 12,000 BTU size is proving to be superior in many ways to some of the others, inching closer and closer to larger room coverages with a single unit. What separates this piece of equipment from the rest is that it also doubles as a heater. So one unit does the job for both the colder and warmer climates, a deal that is too good to pass up. And the heating function isn’t second rate, operating with three full heat settings. They are almost as robust as the cold settings, which share similar options. If that wasn’t enough to make this a winning unit, then buyers will be interested in the dehumidifying mode which is pretty nifty in the recommended size rooms. So on any climate, this is the machine to have to make things comfortable for everyone in the room.

The included window kit is quick install, so there will be no fiddling with extra tools that you don’t need. It can be set up for a vertical or horizontal window, giving you even more options with how you want to put everything up. With the built in directional casters, movement is easy even on rough surfaces. Looking at this and comparing it to other models shows just how cutting edge it is on the surface. Even the remote and self-maintenance options make it worth the purchase, even if you’re new to portable air conditioners. The price is also one of the highest on the list, but it is a model that can be used by any level of user. This is a great purchase for someone that wants to save space by getting a heater and cooler all in one. Depending on who you ask, this may be the best portable air conditioner on the list. It covers multiple industries as an all in one unit and performs them all at a high level.


Honeywell HL Series 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

The first 14,000 BTU unit on the list is of course part of the Honeywell brand, and as expected is a high price. With units this large the square footage leaps beyond the couple of hundred feet in smaller brands and instead offers a massive 4,500 square feet when using the dehumidifying function. This is incredible and should work well for professionals that want to cool off entire warehouses. Now that doesn’t mean that this isn’t beginner friendly and can’t be used in homes. In fact it is quite easy to use thanks to the LED display that shows all vital information. And beyond the cooling features there is a heating element that works quite well.

This was one of the top 4 in 1 models from the company, and continues to do great in sales. When cooling a room buyers can get coverage for up to 550 square feet, giving you permanent and reliable use year round. The coverage for heating isn’t that much different, as the unit can handle up to 400 square feet. It’s a very reliable heating system that doesn’t get enough credit for how it performs in open areas. Sticking with the usual Honeywell formula buyers can depend on this system to run without needing to be maintained, as the built in drain system and auto-evaporation technology keeps things running briskly through the summer and winter months. When energy needs to be saved, the sleep mode can come in handy in more than one way. At specific daily and nightly intervals it will let you decide the best times to run the unit your accepted power settings. As usual the remote is full featured and does a great job of mimicking the front panel controls. Even though it isn’t the best 14,000 BTU unit, this is still one of Honeywell’s best and comes with a nice amount of praise.

TiTAN 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

With a coverage area of up to 550 square feet, there are plenty of places this portable air conditioner can be useful in. A high price and low learning level makes it compatible with a lot of buyers, mainly those that have been yearning for a powerful air conditioning unit. There are four operational modes built into the design, with heat not being one of them. That is a small knock on the functions available, but one that buyers shouldn’t focus too much on when considering this purchase. The heating function is a great luxury to have when available, but doesn’t make or break this product. In fact the shining feature of this model is how well the auto mode handles. In a room where this air conditioner is set to auto, users can depend on it to continually cycle in fresh air on its own. Not a lot of supervision is needed once you set up the auto settings, and there is minimal manual draining required because of the auto-drain system.

It’s as ingenious a setup that you can ask for, and that isn’t even including the usefulness of the other major features like dehumidification. Operation status and temperature can be monitored on the LED display on both the remote and the unit. It won’t take long to fully grasp how great the remote is, and in a larger room, that can be of great benefit. At almost 75 pounds, this big boy makes use of the attached caster wheels. It’s one of the heaviest choices on the list, and benefits a lot from having an easy way to wheel it around. With up to 56 pints of moisture removed daily, this is a tough unit to beat when making a final decision on what to buy. The good news is that it ranks as a top Titan product based on customer feedback, so this is a very reliable piece of equipment. When having to decide between this and other competing products, users will win no matter what decision they make.

Haier 14,000 BTU Cool and Heat Portable Air Conditioner

The award for the best looking high priced portable air conditioner goes to Haier, who absolutely nails it with this iteration. This is another one of their cold/heat models that drives home the value of having an all in one product. Getting rid of your separate pieces of equipment and using this one will not only save you money, but time as well. Even when the conditioner is cooling at its maximum square feet of 500, operational modes are quiet and won’t disturb anyone in the room. Work areas, offices, bedrooms and baby rooms are all suitable places to consider placing this unit. The king of the features is the dehumidification, which can handle up to 110 pints of moisture a day. This is on the high end for all air conditioners on the list, as it pulls a large amount out of the room without needing to be self-maintained constantly. The auto evaporation feature of this model is really top notch, and takes no time to get used to if you tend to leave your equipment continuously running.

When using the fan or cooling settings, there are multiple options for each mode that makes it useful in a lot of setups. With enough patience, you can find the optimal settings for a room within a day. And even if you put it in an out of the way area, the full function remote control is a thing of beauty. Everything you need can be programmed from a distance, even the advanced functions on auto. If you put it in an area where you can see the LCD display, the blue light is a big benefit so you can see it in the dark. As long as you take care of the included filter, then this portable air conditioner should be operational for years. The filter is washable, and only takes a few minutes to clean fully. Haier does it again with their great all in one unit, proving that any user can take control of advanced cooling and heating functions while making the most out of it.

Whynter 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The last 14,000 BTU model and overall last air conditioner on the list comes from Whynter. Having dual hose operation is one of its great design attributes, and is more useful than you think when set up for the first time. Using r-410a refrigerant will win it some points with green friendly homes, but taking the dual hose operation for a spin shows the benefits of such a robust system. It freshens the air quicker than other models while also drawing out moisture quicker. In some environments it even cools the room quicker than normal, showing off the power of a dual hose setup. Whynter used an in-house developing technology for their auto-drain function, which was an important step in making sure their unit worked great with the dual hose setup. It gets rid of a lot of water, with the built in 3M antimicrobial filter really getting a workout if you tend to have a lot of moisture in the air. The three basic modes are fan dehumidifier and of course air conditioner.

They all have their advanced functions, but most users won’t go beyond the basics since of such full featured modes. This is recommended for intermediate to professional users, with the high price tag and 500 square feet of coverage putting it with the other high end models on the market. And if looks are you thing with an air conditioner, the platinum and black looks really good in a professional or home setting. You can wheel this in any direction and leave it to handle a room, all without needing to supervise the work it is doing. A handy remote control with easy to identify buttons rounds out the bigger points of this package. As the last item on the list, it really pushes the included antimicrobial filter, which really makes a difference. If that is the main selling point for you, then by all means consider this a can’t miss purchase. The price is great, and it performs all of its modes at the highest level.

What Is The Best BTU?

There is no best BTU, since it all comes down to what you need. Finding out how many BTU’s you need is the first step to getting an air conditioner. The factors that come into play are the size of the room and the function of the room. Larger BTU’s can handle larger rooms more efficiently, but if you don’t need the extra power then it becomes wasted resources. There is no point using a 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner in a 300 square foot room, since it is overkill to the highest degree. There is also the issue of using a larger BTU than needed in a smaller area that confuses the unit. Air conditioners in this situation will cycle off and even have humidifying functions that don’t work properly. And if the BTU rating is too small and put in a larger room, the unit will continue to run and never switch off. This can cause huge price spikes in your electric bill and wear out the unit quicker than normal.

Does Price Make A Difference?

All of the air conditioners on the list are high priced, with little variations here and there. Unless you are looking for a specific feature like heating, then the price doesn’t factor into the buying decision when it comes to portable air conditioners. The biggest factor with price will come with choosing the various BTU’s that are available. If there is a killer feature in a specific BTU category that you can’t go without, it may come at a cost of a little more than other portable air conditioners. The fun part about this is that the extra cost is so small, that you won’t really know the difference.


In short, BTU is married to room size and the environment the air conditioner will be in. As long as you have all of the core features you want, picking the correct portable air conditioner for your home or business is an easy affair.